Text Bridge

The “text bridge” project was held at zeilstraat draw bridge in Amsterdam. The bridge has a structure that it can open from one side to allow boats to pass from the canal while traffic stops and drivers face with a wall of 14 meter.

Today even the biggest catastrophes are demonstrated as fiction so I decided to write this text in public where message can be tangible.

Amsterdam is at the first, in the line to face with the problems of the climate change issue. So it was important to bring the subject back by placing the text in this city. “If the water reached this level we would not need the bridge. Drive on may be we will achieve this.”

I was arrested as soon as I finished the text and was the guest of the police station.

I did the project, one of my expectations was to see the disappearance of the text due to the heavy traffic that goes over it. This would prove the point that “we are going to achieve this.” But the city administration erased the text in one day after and achieved it much faster than I expected.

Thanks to my cell-mates Ricardo Portilho, Amir Admoni and Alex Zakkas for helping me on this adventure.

Media Pack (info pictures and video link about project)